Motorola Moto 360 Sport Watch

So for the past days I have been able to start running again. I decided to start a new running program that involved alternating between jogging and walking every 2 minutes. Now the first day I decided to run with my S6 in my hand. As you can imagine it distracted quite a bit having to watch time on it. Because it distracted me actually so much I decided to look for a solution. And there I found it: smartwatches!

Motorola Moto 360 Sport watch

From the crazy selection of different watches from Apple and Samsung, I instead went with the Motorola Moto 360 Sport! And honestly after the first day I think I made an excellent choice. The smartwatch has a heart-rate sensor, GPS and all the other little gadgets to track my every movement and connect to my Android. It also came with an app called MotoBody which was honestly pretty good for running. I could track the time, pace, distance and even heart rate. Honestly watching the time was so much easier and didn’t ruin my running technique. It did cost me $300 though so a pretty expensive investment. You can also read this review on CNET about it!

But that isn’t the only thing I purchased for my new smartwatch. I really didn’t like the way I had to charge it so I decided to get a wireless charger for it. I mean my S6 has it built-in as well so why not. I came across this website called the Best Qi Wireless Charging Pads and decided to go with the IKEA Nordmärke triple pad from there. To be fair I didn’t have much of a choice. It was literally the only wireless charger that let me charge more than one device at once. On the plus side though it looks really great as well.

IKEA Nordmärke Wireless Charger

I think that is enough spending for a couple of months now. I can’t even remember the last time I spent this much on technology. All this better improve my running now and help me get into marathon condition faster.


Running In Winter

Running volume usually tends to decrease during the winter period. Unless of course you get the opportunity to fly off to a running camp in a warmer country.

But after years of running, I have learned that you can still keep a good shape even during winter conditions. For me, having 3 running sessions a week is enough. But instead of running outside, I use an indoor sports centre. 2 of the running sessions are sprints and in the weekend I have a longer distance session.

Are 3 running sessions enough?

Three running sessions are enough for me because I have kept the exercises that work the best for me. Two faster sprinting sessions a week are enough to keep the body sharp, lungs and muscles used to working. What you need to do is plan ahead how much you will push yourself during the sprints. Pushing yourself is easier when training indoors so it is also really easy to over-train. That is why you should be careful. So if you can keep yourself healthy from December till the end of March, then you should even see a pretty good progress.

Long distance runs just require smarter clothing. Even though you are running indoors, it might be still good to dress warm. A two and a half hour run should be more than enough.

Can’t skiing replace running?

Skiing can’t replace sprints. However recovery days can be done on skiis. Classical skiing technique has a lot of similarities with running and is good for a full body workout. Core muscles, arm work, legs stabilizing muscles etc – muscles that are really needed when running. Because skiing is possible to be done longer than running then the complete workout volume can be held quite high during winter.

Alternating between running and skiing will put stress on both the upper and lower body. So the two keep it reasonably balanced. The only thing you should pay attention to is keeping a medium heart rate. And also that your skiing technique is relaxed and not fast paced. Otherwise you will lose the recovery purpose.

Snowy Start

Well hello. Happy snow day to all of you in New York. I know that I’m for sure not enjoying it. Well maybe except for the fact that I can now sit inside in my onesie and eat waffles without having to feel guilty :-).

The second this snow disappears it is time to get back on track however. This year I have decided to take part of the New York marathon and the Boston marathon. Both which I have wanted to do for a very long time. So I guess it is time to get into shape.

To be fair I have tried running in this snow. I guess it’s the Scandinavian inside me. But the result was that after 11 miles I was basically handicapped. It’s not that it was hard or anything. The next day my right foots heel literally felt like I had broken a bone. I think the reason is an old injury I once had and apparently snow likes to make it appear again.

Oh well, few days of rest and warm water should do the trick.